Ways To Get Healthy Gums:

Ways To Get Healthy Gums:

Healthy gums adhere to the teeth and stabilize them in the alveoli, have a pink or bright red color, and effectively protect sensitive parts of the teeth against bacteria and external factors causing pain.

Incorrect oral hygiene and a low-vitamin diet may lead to inflammation near the gums that will result in the unveiling of teeth and even loss of teeth. These changes can not be reversed, but they can be prevented. Care for the gums and teeth will be provided by home methods and support of the dentist.

Proper Teeth Cleaning

The teeth should be regularly cleaned with a medium hard bristle brush. At the same time, gentle circular movements should be performed, and the pressure should not be too high. It is good to brush your teeth at least twice a day.

The use of dental floss helps in the care of gums and teeth. Clean your teeth at least once a day. Cleaning hard-to-reach areas between the teeth prevent the accumulation of food debris and the formation of clusters of bacteria. Thanks to this, we protect the oral cavity against gingivitis and caries.

If you notice the first disturbing symptoms: bleeding gums, tooth pain appearing near the gums, light swelling, start using, and gels to prevent periodontitis.

 Rinsing The Mouth

Bacteria that can lead to gum disease, accumulate and settle not only on the teeth but also on the palate and throughout the mouth. Washing only teeth will not eliminate them. Therefore, it is also worth rinsing the mouth with antibacterial fluids. Some of the fluids available in pharmacies and drugstores have properties to prevent periodontosis.

Sandblasting And Removal Of Tartar

To prevent gum disease, you should periodically remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. This is done in dental offices during sandblasting and scaling. The sludge is removed from the teeth mechanically, chemically or by means of ultrasounds. Thanks to such treatments, it is possible to remove sediment and stone, which have accumulated both over the gums and under them.

 A balanced diet, plentiful in vitamins and antioxidants, or what to eat for healthy gums.

In the prevention of gum disease, diet is extremely important. It should provide health-important gums for vitamins C, A and E, B vitamins, and antioxidants that fight free radicals that damage skin cells. The source of these substances are, among others fresh fruit and vegetables, legume seeds, nuts, fish meat, dairy products, and offal. A particularly rich source of antioxidants are, for example, tomatoes, grapefruit, green parsley, and green tea.

Regular Dental Check-Ups

A dentist should regularly control the condition of teeth and gums. In general, visits are recommended every six months. Such frequency will allow the doctor to start early treatment of emerging lesions in a timely manner.

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